Unfair Competition

Unitalen provides services in our unfair competition cause practice area regarding trade secrets, trade dress infringement, deceptive advertising, unethical business practices and other issues arising in conjunction with infringement or misappropriation of intellectual property.

Our litigation attorneys act as both counselors and advocates to provide advice and representation before all level of courts and administrative agencies in China on the full range of unfair competition issues. Our unfair competition practice includes representation of clients in disputes with other market participants, including matters involving anticompetitive or predatory market practices, false advertising, and unfair or deceptive trade practices. In addition, we regularly assist clients in developing policies and procedures to protect them from the unlawful conduct of their business rivals and from disparagement, defamation, invasion of privacy, plagiarism, deceptive trade practices, fraud, unauthorized use or misrepresentation and other related conduct. We also practice law relating to the creation and enforcement of non-competition and non-disclosure agreements and draft employment and other agreements containing covenants not to compete. 

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